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Here are some success stories from clients who asked to be posted to our site to share their heart felt relief that hypnosis was able to help them achieve:


A Sharpe Smoking Cessation 15 Year smoker, 1 pack a day
Steve F.   Alcohol and Hypnotherapy more>>
Kim A.   Hypnosis Conquered My Fear of Flying more>>
Sheryl   Hypnosis Session for Weight Loss more>>
Carrie J.   Decided to Quit Smoking Using Hypnosis more>>
Angel S.   Quit Smoking more>>
Nancy E.   Food Cravings more>>
Xavier   Bipolar Disorder more>>
Tiffany   Stop Smoking more>>
G   Freedom from Alcohol more>>
Shon   Drug Addiction (Crack Cocaine) more>>
(Anonymous)   Nutritional Guidance more>>
Josh S.   Bio-Energetics more>>
James K.   Informative and Fun - Self Defense more>>
Pat T.   Self Defense Class more>>
Janelle Musson   He opened windows of knowledge, which in turn gave me the knowledge to share with the people I love. more>>
Gary Wassenaar   I have lost 25 pounds! more>>
Jennel Wassenaar   He Made Working Out Fun more>>
Derrick   Hypnosis for Self-loathing, Fear, Shyness, Depression, Self-Destructiveness more>>
Kent Huggins   Chewing Tobacco more>>
Michael Bertocchi   Alcoholism more>>
Casey Holland   Smoking more>>
Art   Orlando Mobile Massage Therapy more>>
Sabrina   Orlando Mobile Massage Therapy: Thank you! more>>
Sharon   Massage Therapy: Relax and Calm more>>
Maryanne Kanter   We Quit Smoking with No Problems-Fast more>>
Caitlin   Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks, Adult ADD,& Depression more>>
Kandis Smith   Huntingtons Disease more>>
Faye M.   Various Medical Problems more>>
Major William L. Markham, U.S. Army   Acupuncture and Brain Injury more>>
Chris Compeau   Smoking 2 packs per Day for 20 Years-Quit with Hypnosis more>>
Denise   Smoking for Decades-Succeeded in Stopping Smoking Through Hypnosis more>>
A Latulippe Smoking Cessation 25 Year Smoker, 2 packs a day
A Hughes Smoking Cessation 25 Year Smoker, 1 packs a day
B Pimental Smoking Cessation 23 Year Smoker, 1 pack a day
C McNamara Smoking Cessation 30 Year Smoker, 1 pack a day
G Dietrich Smoking Cessation 20 Year Smoker, 1 pack a day
J Jacoby Regression Hypnotherapy, Confidence Building Fear of Driving, Anxiety, Worry, Uncertainty
J Kotz Smoking Cessation 25 Year Smoker, 1 packs a day
K Cushman Self-Control and Confidence Hypnosis Uncontrollable Blushing entire life, considered surgery
K Geyer Smoking Cessation 30 Year Smoker, 2 packs a day
L Carroll Smoking Cessation 60 Year Smoker, 2 packs a day
M Cortez Smoking Cessation 15 Year Smoker, 1 packs a day
M Zell Weight Loss Hypnosis Life time of Obesity, lead groups on weight loss but could not lose weight
P Baughman Alcohol Freedom & Smoking Cessation,  Regression Hypnotherapy Alcoholic for 35 years, daily consumption, tried Betty Ford, acupuncture, medication, psychotherapy, in-patient, out-patient
R Briercheck Smoking Cessation 25 Year Smoker, 1 packs a day
S Star Smoking Cessation 45 Year Smoker, 2 packs a day
T Loope Smoking Cessation 25 Year Smoker, 1 packs a day
T Miller Direct Suggestion, Deep Sleep Hypnotherapy Insomniac for 20 years, tried medication
Db McClain Regression Hypnotherapy Severe Panic Disorder
Dn McClain Regression Hypnotherapy Severe Introversion, Insecure

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