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Free Smoking and Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions-Find Out How
You can start with a Free Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation - Please come to us before you get cut open, have that operation, lose that organ or take that drug with a list of side effects two pages long. We do NOT charge a fee to look at your health concern to see if we can help. Consults are free of charge.  Once completed, this part of the evaluation will be reviewed by our staff from separate modalities to begin putting together a solution for you current situation.

Next you will receive a phone from one of our staff members to go over any additional question or concerns regarding your solutions. This call can take approximately 20-minutes long. At this time, we will ask additional questions as necessary; then we will go over our recommendations, allowing you time to ask questions and clarify what is being recommended. This is also a good time for you to let us know about anything else you know is pertinent that you may have thought about after filling out the form.


Call us at (407) 309-6104 and make an appointment.  Our operators are well versed in the wellness industry and can answer your questions confidentially.  Otherwise you will be forwarded to the next available provider, ensuring that you get the answers you need and deserve.  To make an appointment, simply choose your location depending on your specific needs

  Our Office 
  Computer (Tele-Video Conferencing)

Choose your time:

  Same Day

Fill out our on-line consultation which doubles as our intake forms.  This consists of:

  Your demographic information.
  Past medical history.
  Present medical history.
  A few questions regarding your current needs or goals.


So, if you're "shopping" for a therapist, nutritionist, or hypnotherapist by price rather than by their ability to help you, or worse yet, doing nothing at all because of your financial situation, busy schedule, or inability to get to a facility, you should contact us.  There should never be an obstacle between you and your wellbeing. We will work with you financially, demographically, and around the clock to make sure you reach your goals!

We're open from 7am to 7pm, Monday thru Sunday for your convenience. Let Act Now Wellness Center be your first choice today, not your last hope tomorrow. Call (407) 309-6104 to get started today.

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