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Hypnosis in Orlando for STOP SNORING - Get Our Spring Hypnosis Discount While It Lasts

Do you ever wake to the noise of your own snoring?

Snoring can be a real problem for bedside partners. The louder the snore the bigger the offense. Snoring can affect both the physical and social intimacies of a relationship. The constant sleep disruption and excessive tiredness caused by noisy snoring often creates problems. Sleep partners of heavy snores awaken over twenty times per hour, which severely cuts into the quality and quantity of their sleep. Snoring is a factor frequently cited in divorce proceedings as the lack of sleep, particularly for the non snoring partner, can cause frustration and irritability, inevitably leading to arguments. Not only it makes the partner lose sleep, but also can cause serious breathing problems for the sleeper, because essentially, it indicates that the breathing passage airway is obstructed.

Has your partner complained that your snoring prevents him or her from sleeping? Or have they just moved out of the room completely? Does your snoring problem occur nightly, keeping you from being able to enjoy deep, restful sleep? Do you avoid spending the night at a friend's house or having guests in your own home for fear of keeping them awake with your snoring?

Countless so-called "snoring remedies" have been developed with each claiming to be the cure. There are nose bandages, throat sprays, uncomfortable devices to keep you from sleeping on your back, and even treatments that seek to change your habit with negative stimuli. There are even surgical options, but even these radical procedures do not guarantee a cure. Maybe you've tried a few of these with no results; maybe you've tried them all. But do you still snore?

It's likely you feel hopeless, helpless, restless, and at your wits end. Has it got to the point where going to bed isn't even appealing because you know it will end with your partner storming out of the room or you sleeping on the couch? Every night you promise yourself that you won't snore, but how can you prevent something you're not even aware of until after it's happened? Your search for a cure has provided no end to your suffering up to this point, but that does not mean that one does not exist.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Share a quiet night of rest with your partner!
  • Sleep through an entire night without snoring!
  • Feel confident and in control of your breathing!

So, how can hypnosis help the snorer?

Well, first of all let us think about how snoring is caused. During the day the muscles in our airways are taut keeping the airways open and ensuring that there are no obstructions. When we are asleep these muscles relax meaning that the airway becomes smaller. For some people the airways become sufficiently small so as to cause an obstruction. The result of this is that when the air hits the back of the throat the soft tissues vibrate causing the distinctive snoring sound.

Top Reasons for Snoring

Obesity. The fat deposits around the neck and throat of obese people may exert some amount of pressure on the airway, especially while the person is lying down, eventually blocking the free air flow in and out, leading to snoring.

  • Alcohol or medications like sleeping pills and anti-histamines causes the muscles in the throat to relax, causing it to block the airway while sleeping. Smoking and sinusitis can also cause snoring, again due to the very same basic reasons.
  • Snoring is also found to have a genetic trait, in which case many treatments, with the exception of hypnotherapy, can be less effective.
  • The size of the pillow is another factor that could induce snoring. That is, if the pillow size is larger, it increases the angle of the neck, sometimes to the extent of obstructing the air passage, especially while lying on the back.
  • Like in the case of sinusitis, certain allergies can cause congestion in the nose and the airway, leading to high decibel snoring. This effect is more apparent when the person already has the habit of snoring.
  • To a certain extent, the diet a person follows may also exert a substantial influence on snoring. In this case, the blockage of air passage is caused due to the excessive production of mucus, courtesy fatty food items such as milk and milk products.

What hypnosis can do is to re-train the snorer to tighten up these muscles while they are asleep and thereby increase the size of the airway. The net result of this increase in size of airway is that snoring is reduced or, as is often the case, completely eliminated. You should not expect instant results, however. It takes some time for the muscles to become re-trained in this way.

Hypnosis can also help the non snoring partner. The sound of snoring is particularly irritating because it is not constant, but more often intermittent. Therefore, often more disturbance is caused by the anticipation of the snore as much as the snoring itself. How hypnosis works for the non snorer is that it trains them to filter out the noise of the snoring. This does not mean that they stop hearing it, but more that it stops being something that they focus on when they are trying to sleep. It is not instant of course, but with time non snoring partners should be able to ignore the sound enough to get a good night's sleep.

How Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy Can Help

For issues that are habitual, compulsive and/or behavioral in nature we highly recommend hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It's fast, even the most complicated issues are permanently resolved in just 2-4 visits. It's permanent: Hypnotherapy allows for the resolution of the issues that cause problem behavior patterns in the first place rather than just treating the pattern or problem allowing you to benefit permanently and never have to deal with the same debilitating issues again.

We have a simple process of helping you get the solutions you need. We encourage you to start with a free, one hour wellness consultation. This way know where you are in the water as far as what your therapy needs to include, how many sessions, AND what your financial commitment will be prior to beginning the program by CLICKING HERE and beginning the wellness evaluation. This way, if you decide you want to explore other options or facilities, you are informed.

Next, we want to encourage you to call us now if pricing is a problem. We work with people (within reason of course), devising payment options that are flexible. Each person's needs are different and no single treatment is appropriate for all individuals, so we customize each and every program for the individual. It is because of this that pricing is impossible to just nail down in a paragraph on the web. This is why we encourage the free, no obligation comprehensive wellness evaluation to ensure that you get all of your answers quickly and accurately at one time.

Our office hours are from 7:00AM to 7:00PM, Monday through Sunday. Why so many hours of operation? So we can be flexible where your schedule isn't. We can see you at our office conveniently located near downtown Orlando, at your home (no extra charge if you're within a half hour of our Orlando location, or our sessions can be completed via tele-hypnosis or Skype.

Act Now Wellness Center's drug free solutions aren't just limited to weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, depression and anxieties. Our hypnotherapist's safe and pleasant hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you unlock your subconscious for self-discovery, and effectively deal with issues such as chronic fears and phobias as well as drug and alcohol addiction (98% recovery rate). The professionals at our Taylor Avenue center will help bring a sense of physical, emotional, and mental balance to your life. So what are you waiting for? Call us today! (407) 309-6104
  • No-Risk Guarantee

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our hypnosis and hypnotherapy programs, we offer an exclusive, "no-risk" guarantee of our services: If at your very first hypnosis session you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money. Just let us know before leaving the premises. No questions asked!

Our Competitive Discount :
Unless you are coming to see us for addiction, you will never need to come for more than our four session program to handle an issue. This includes depression, anxieties and other ailments that you may even be on a long term pharmaceutical regimens to handle.

OPEN: Monday thru Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00pm. and 4pm-7pm  Call us today!

To put it simple, hypnosis and hypnotherapy IS permanent and it works fast. If anyone is telling you any different CALL US. We care only about your health and well-being. Once we see you for an issue, we never expect to see you back again. So before you sign on with our competitors for half a dozen or more visits, please call us for a free evaluation and additional discount. Act Now is here to give hypnosis and hypnotherapy a good, honest name.

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Success from any kind of coaching, medical or hypnosis process cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Summary: As in any self-change program and with everything in life, you get out what you put in.Free Smoking and Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions-Find Out How

In only 1-4 sessions our clients report they have more energy, focus, tolerance, relaxation and even sleep better.

Learn about safely managing diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

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Hypnosis will help allow you to integrate new behaviors into your unconscious, so that you are not continually struggling to escape a rollercoaster of emotions and discomfort surrounding everyday life. Learn how you can feel better permanently without relying on dangerous medications and costly, repetitive therapy.


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I would tell everyone looking for a hypnotist in Orlando to definitely try it.
This is the first time I saw real results.
It was a wonderful experience!
The hypnosis services work great!
You'll be surprised how effective it can be.
It works!
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