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David F. Jackson, State Certified PAIIRS Facilitator Bio

David F. Jackson has been helping families, couples and individuals in crisis since the early '80s. Dave's clinical experience includes outpatient settings, substance abuse clinics, disaster response teams, at-risk adolescents, family services agencies and private practice, mental-health services (psychiatric and psychological) for over 50 nursing homes and assisted-living facilities including 28, of Genesis facilities throughout the state of Florida. 

His clients range from large corporations to small and family owned businesses, to non-profit agencies and low income individuals, partnerships and families.  Specialties include domestic violence, parenting, anger management, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, job-related difficulties and career related issues, individual/personal coaching, life transitions, employee assistance and individual outplacement assistance.

Dave specializes in individuals dealing with mental-health problems, stress, behavioral and family issues. He is committed, outcome driven, strength focused, creative in determining accurate solutions for individuals and families. Dave understands the extreme and diverse economic, social and personal differences that people face. His guidance, trainings and state certified classes always relate back to giving direction to those working through problems in their marriage and assisting children who are having trouble adjusting to tough circumstances.

As a licensed PAIIRS Facilitator, one of the world's oldest and leading relationship skills training organizations, he provides evidence-based marriage, family and fatherhood education directed towards healing attitudes, emotional understandings, and behaviors that nurture and sustain healthy relationships. Dave provide platforms for people to come together to learn "How to" build better relationships in the family, marriage, community and the country beginning with the person. He strongly believes in the value and impact of healthy relationships skills.

Recent clinical experience includes but is not limited to:

· Mental health (various interventions)
· Substance Abuse (many levels)
· Domestic Violence (separate male and female)
· Parenting
· Anger Management (juvenile and adult)
· Family Counseling
· Couples Counseling
· Cognitive Therapy (thinking for change)
· Life Skills
· Employee Assistance Programs

Prior to counseling Dave was the President of Florida Medical Group (management company) for Florida Medical Pain Clinic, Florida Medical Brooksville, Florida Medical Northbay, Florida Medical Connection and Florida Medical Specialist.

Florida Medical Group contracted with various hospitals to provide anesthesia and or pain management services for those facilities. From recruiting, the anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist to developing the policy and procedures for those contracted facilities. In addition recruited and provided locum tenens (part-time) and full-time anesthesia personnel for other facilities.

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