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Are you hurting, stressed, worried about a relationship, feeling overwhelmed? Are the sources of your pain more than you can manage? 

One of the reasons that people seek Family Counseling is because they can't find acceptable solutions on their own or with help from friends and family. Our culture places such a high value on independence and autonomy that we are reluctant to seek help from others. The notion that people who see counselors are crazy or "less than" is likely a by-product of fierce individualism and good old-fashioned prejudice. Ironically, it is the people who seek help outside of themselves who show true strength through their willingness to acknowledge the need for expert help. Shame, false pride, and ego are what keep us unhappy. It is a privilege for me to collaborate with an individual, couple, or family to find better solutions for their challenges.

We work with the following types of families and family-related challenges : blended families, cross-cultural families, developmental stage challenges (e.g. new-born, grandparents, teens), families with addicted member(s), young families, divorced families, single parent families, families with sick or mentally ill member(s), families with incest survivors, families with trauma victim(s), families with victims of violence and more.

If you are considering family therapy, please call us to learn more at 407-309-6104.

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For clients looking to lose a little or a lot of weight, learn about dieting, self-control or a realistic exercise plan.

Learn about safely managing diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Self Defense & Your
Self Esteem

Your inner sense of "empowerment" will kick in because you will be doing things you didn't think you were capable of doing. Stand up for yourself, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. You are worth it so call us today at (407) 309-6104 and get started!


I truly enjoy being alcohol free and finally getting things done that I’ve wanted to for years.
I would tell everyone looking for a hypnotist in Orlando to definitely try it.
This is the first time I saw real results.
It was a wonderful experience!
The hypnosis services work great!
You'll be surprised how effective it can be.
It works!
I never thought I would stop smoking.

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