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The bottom line is YES. Every week people quit smoking (some with heavy habits of 3 packs per day for decades), lose weight, improve their sports game, self confidence, sleep habits, self esteem, & much, much, more through hypnosis.
You may even know some people who have used hypnosis in their personal lives. 


Here’s a Recent Comparison Study:

o Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
o Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
o Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessions
- American Health Magazine

As this study clearly shows, Hypnosis is more effective and requires less time to achieve its goal than traditional behavior therapy or psychoanalysis.

In a hypnotic state, you are more receptive to new ideas and you can more effectively process the emotions linked to the experiences which created the pain, the fear, the sadness, the anger, the guilt, the shame, the humiliation and the low self-esteem in the first place. Thus enabling you to regain control of your life.

  1. What if I can't be hypnotized?
    EVERYONE with normal brain functioning can be hypnotized. It's not like what you see in the movies. It's just about being very deeply relaxed in both mind and body. When you are in that altered state, things you learn or meditate on stick better.
  2. What is hypnosis?
    A state of relaxation and/or a level of concentration that the average individual reaches daily. Self- hypnosis is accomplished most often when one is "absorbed" in a TV program, experiencing repetition (highway driving), or daydreaming. However, "Hypnotherapy" is guided relaxation and/or concentration where the ideas expressed (suggestions) by the therapist are generally remembered more readily, which in turn creates anew awareness. Depending on your motivations, there may be a shift in attitude about specific subject matters (habits and stresses). The only requirement for getting therapeutic results is that the you have a conscious desire to change, or in other words, are in agreement with the suggestions.
  3. Do people do things under hypnosis that are against their morals, or values?
    No. Hypnosis cannot detach the ego. As a general rule, if you were given a suggestion you did not agree with, you would simply refuse, laugh at it, or awaken (regain normal awareness). In stage hypnosis, the volunteers are usually under the influence of alcohol and have come to the show for the purpose of relaxing, acting silly and having a good time, therefore, they are easily encouraged to do so. Because inhibitions are often reduced under hypnosis, the subject is more likely to experience their inner character traits and motivations.
  4. Can a person's memory be erased?
    No. If one undergoing hypnosis wants to remember, he/she will. In some cases, amnesia can he produced with a post-hypnotic suggestion, but it wears off as quickly as the subject wishes. However, a certified hypnotherapist can help a person transform a memory that may be causing problems. The mind contains unconscious memories that generally are responsible for our decisions, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors.

  5. Do people under hypnosis go to sleep or become unconscious?
    No. One should not expect to go to sleep! Hypnosis is a hyper-state of awareness that feels very relaxing. One is completely aware of everything that is occurring in the surrounding environment as well as that which is happening in the inner mind. Many authors in the field feel that hypnosis is a state of consciousness somewhere between being awake and asleep. Some people may go out of hypnosis by falling into natural sleep, but then they may need to be awakened.
  6. What can be treated with hypnotherapy?
    Act Now therapists have the capability to help alleviate or transform a multitude of symptoms and problems. They have helped people eliminate phobias, pain and fear, helped individuals eliminate drugs and alcohol from their lives, helped people quit smoking, lose weight and a achieve a number of other goals. Basically, if the problem is in the subconscious mind -- whether bad habits or bad ideas -- hypnotherapy will help.

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For clients looking to lose a little or a lot of weight, learn about dieting, self-control or a realistic exercise plan.

Learn about safely managing diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Self Defense & Your
Self Esteem

Your inner sense of "empowerment" will kick in because you will be doing things you didn't think you were capable of doing. Stand up for yourself, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. You are worth it so call us today at (407) 309-6104 and get started!


I truly enjoy being alcohol free and finally getting things done that I’ve wanted to for years.
I would tell everyone looking for a hypnotist in Orlando to definitely try it.
This is the first time I saw real results.
It was a wonderful experience!
The hypnosis services work great!
You'll be surprised how effective it can be.
It works!
I never thought I would stop smoking.

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