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Hypnosis in Orlando for METH ADDICTION - Get Our Spring Hypnosis Discount While It Lasts

Cocaine is presently the most abused major stimulant in America. It has recently become the drug most frequently involved in emergency department visits. It is not a new drug of abuse but is now considered the caviar of recreational drugs. Thus, this distinction is reflected in its description-champagne of drugs, gold dust, Cadillac of drugs, status stimulant, yuppie drug, and others. 
  • Proven Effective 

  • Completely Safe 

  • Quick and Easy 

  • Less Withdrawal Symptoms 

Drug addiction is just a quick and easy way to change ordinary, everyday reality from unbearable to bearable. All it takes is one time. People who are dependent are merely using  meth or crack cocaine as a crutch to get through the day. Yet doctors and scientists are still treating "drug addiction" as if it is the problem, when it has nothing to do with the real problem. They might as well be studying "scratchism" for people who have a chronic itch. Suppose you had a chronic itch and scratched it regularly throughout the day. Would you have "scratchism"? Would you be a "scratchaholic"? Of course not. What if you had a constant headache, and to cope with it you took aspirin several times each day. Would you suffer from "aspirinism", would you be called an "aspirinaholic"? More important, if you sought help for the treatment of those ailments, would you be treated for "scratchism" or "aspirinism"? Of course not; you would be treated for the underlying conditions that led you to scratch or use aspirin. -- perhaps poison ivy or stress."

People get hooked on smoking meth or crack cocaine just one time - not because they're instantly physically addicted or have an 'addictive personality', but because they've never experienced such a great feeling. That's also why most people go back to using even after jail (or during) or rehab. It's not that they just enjoy it or get a temporary "escape" from the issues plaguing them. The tremendous euphoric emotions get them psychologically and mentally enslaved for life if they don't find something to replace it.

It is helpful to understand that addictions are found in the subconscious and unconscious (primitive or automatic) parts of the brain. That is where the dopamine systems are and where the cravings come from. One of the many problems with addictions is that we remember the good parts of the using but we have not integrated the negative things that our addiction caused. Hypnosis can help patients pay attention to the part of the subconscious brain that is aware of all of the negatives and integrate that information in an unconscious way. 

Hypnosis allows for the resolution of the issues that caused the addictive behavior in the first place. What is the point in treating an addiction as the primary source of the problem when it is in fact only a symptom of a deeper problem.  Rather than teaching that an addict is helpless against their addiction and must attend meetings for the rest of their lives, our patients do not define themselves by their addiction. Instead they are led through a process that allows them to solve the underlying issue(s) that led them to seek the addiction and thereby solving the whole problem, remaining drug free and able to finally enjoy life as they always wanted.

Act Now's addiction recovery program is nothing like 12-step programs because it is based upon a completely different paradigm. Where the 12-step programs come from the belief that someone with an addiction is destined to be an addict for the rest of their lives, our program looks to the current research in neuro-science which shows that people continue to change the way they think, and therefore behave throughout their lives.

Rather than attending meetings, (the program can be used in conjunction with 12-step or other recovery methods) they complete a set hypnosis sessions, usually six to eight depending upon the individual, over the course of a month. In between sessions, they listen to hypnotic reinforcement CDs at home. Each session builds upon those that came before, so that by the end of the month, people engaged in the program have solved the underlying issue (sensitizing event) causing the need for for using, learned how to deal with self-sabotage and have vastly improved their self-esteem. They have also developed the beliefs, values, boundaries and internal identity of someone who has no need for the substances or behaviors they used to depend upon.

Our company's success rates are 97% over all.  The 3% of clients that returned to their addiction fell into one of two categories:

  • People that had no interest in quitting.
  • People that were quitting to appease someone else.

Compare this with the statistics offered by Alcoholics Anonymous which shows that 26% of their participants are sober less than one year. (  AA 2004 Membership Survey)  The same goes for in-patient programs. Addicted patients get through withdrawal - but once they get back into the "real world" the same habits resurface. That's why people waste tens of thousands of dollars repeating inpatient programs again and again treating only the addiction rather than the underlying cause.

Hypnosis by contrast is safe, reliable and quick.

There is hope for everyone dealing with drug addiction, however each individual requires a specific program tailored to their needs. Keep in mind, the recovery process is long and requires commitment from and extensive support to the individual. Utilizing our program, "long" is defined as a month with 80% recovery from the first session.  When evaluating treatment program options, the following points should be considered:

  • No single treatment is appropriate for all individuals, we customize each and every program for the individual.
  • Treatment needs to be readily available.  We have a 24 hour on-call individual for our clients during the recovery process.  That means whether someone is being treated in our office or their home (same cost) someone is available 24-7.
  • Effective treatment attends to multiple needs of the individual, not just his or her drug addiction. Again, we customize each and every program for the individual suffering from the addiction.
  • An individual’s treatment and services plan must be assessed often and modified to meet the person’s changing needs.  This is accomplished with our program on a daily basis.
  • Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is critical for treatment effectiveness.
  • Counseling and other behavioral therapies are critical components of virtually all effective treatments for addiction.
  • Addicted or drug-abusing individuals with coexisting mental disorders should have both disorders treated in an integrated way.
  • Medical management of withdrawal syndrome is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug use.
  • Treatment needs to be voluntary to be effective.
  • Possible drug use during treatment must be monitored continuously.
  • Drug addiction is treatable and there is hope of full recovery.

By introducing relaxation therapy along with imagery, hypnosis helps remove physical barriers to recovery, such as the body's symptoms of withdrawal, anxiety, muscle tension, spasm and pain. Along with reinforcing the commitment to sobriety or abstinence.

If you are feeling skeptical about using hypnosis, even after reading this information, click here and learn about hypnosis, the skepticism surrounding it, and why people have doubts about this age old therapy with such a long history of proven results in so many areas.

Research Proving Hypnosis Works for Addictions Reference

Significantly More Methadone Addicts Quit with Hypnosis. 
94% Remained Narcotic Free

Significant differences were found on all measures. The experimental group had significantly less discomfort and illicit drug use, and a significantly greater amount of cessation. At six month follow up, 94% of the subjects in the experimental group who had achieved cessation remained narcotic free.

 A comparative study of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of methadone addicts.
Manganiello AJ.
American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 1984; 26(4): 273-9.

Hypnosis Shows 77 Percent Success Rate for Drug Addiction

Treatment has been used with 18 clients over the last 7 years and has shown a 77 percent success rate for at least a 1-year follow-up.  15 were being seen for alcoholism or alcohol abuse, 2 clients were being seen for cocaine addiction, and 1 client had a marijuana addiction

Intensive Therapy: Utilizing Hypnosis in the Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis,  Jul 2004  by Potter, Greg

Raised Self-esteem & Serenity.  Lowered Impulsivity and Anger

In a research study on Self-hypnosis for relapse prevention training with chronic drug/alcohol users. 
Participants were 261 veterans admitted to Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs (SARRTPs).  individuals who used repeated self-hypnosis  "at least 3 to 5 times a week," at 7-week follow-up, reported the highest levels of self-esteem and serenity, and the least anger/impulsivity, in comparison to the minimal-practice and control groups.
American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy
(a publication of the American Psychological Association)
2004 Apr;46(4):281-97)

Hypnosis For Cocaine Addiction Documented Case Study

Hypnosis was successfully used to overcome a $500 (five grams) per day cocaine addiction. The subject was a female in her twenties.  After approximately 8 months of addiction, she decided to use hypnosis in an attempt to overcome the addiction itself. Over the next 4 months, she used hypnosis three times a day and at the end of this period, her addiction was broken, and she has been drug free for the past 9 years. Hypnosis was the only intervention, and no support network of any kind was available.

The use of hypnosis in cocaine addiction.

Page RA, Handley GW.

Ohio State University, Lima 45804. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
1993 Oct;36(2):120-3.

How Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy Can Help

For issues that are habitual, compulsive and/or behavioral in nature we highly recommend hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It's fast, even the most complicated issues are permanently resolved in just 2-4 visits. It's permanent: Hypnotherapy allows for the resolution of the issues that cause problem behavior patterns in the first place rather than just treating the pattern or problem allowing you to benefit permanently and never have to deal with the same debilitating issues again.

We have a simple process of helping you get the solutions you need. We encourage you to start with a free, one hour wellness consultation. This way know where you are in the water as far as what your therapy needs to include, how many sessions, AND what your financial commitment will be prior to beginning the program by CLICKING HERE and beginning the wellness evaluation. This way, if you decide you want to explore other options or facilities, you are informed.

Next, we want to encourage you to call us now if pricing is a problem. We work with people (within reason of course), devising payment options that are flexible. Each person's needs are different and no single treatment is appropriate for all individuals, so we customize each and every program for the individual. It is because of this that pricing is impossible to just nail down in a paragraph on the web. This is why we encourage the free, no obligation comprehensive wellness evaluation to ensure that you get all of your answers quickly and accurately at one time.

Our office hours are from 7:00AM to 7:00PM, Monday through Sunday. Why so many hours of operation? So we can be flexible where your schedule isn't. We can see you at our office conveniently located near downtown Orlando, at your home (no extra charge if you're within a half hour of our Orlando location, or our sessions can be completed via tele-hypnosis or Skype.

Act Now Wellness Center's drug free solutions aren't just limited to weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, depression and anxieties. Our hypnotherapist's safe and pleasant hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you unlock your subconscious for self-discovery, and effectively deal with issues such as chronic fears and phobias as well as drug and alcohol addiction (98% recovery rate). The professionals at our Taylor Avenue center will help bring a sense of physical, emotional, and mental balance to your life. So what are you waiting for? Call us today! (407) 309-6104
  • No-Risk Guarantee

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our hypnosis and hypnotherapy programs, we offer an exclusive, "no-risk" guarantee of our services: If at your very first hypnosis session you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money. Just let us know before leaving the premises. No questions asked!

Our Competitive Discount :
Unless you are coming to see us for addiction, you will never need to come for more than our four session program to handle an issue. This includes depression, anxieties and other ailments that you may even be on a long term pharmaceutical regimens to handle.

OPEN: Monday thru Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00pm. and 4pm-7pm  Call us today!

To put it simple, hypnosis and hypnotherapy IS permanent and it works fast. If anyone is telling you any different CALL US. We care only about your health and well-being. Once we see you for an issue, we never expect to see you back again. So before you sign on with our competitors for half a dozen or more visits, please call us for a free evaluation and additional discount. Act Now is here to give hypnosis and hypnotherapy a good, honest name.

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Success from any kind of coaching, medical or hypnosis process cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Summary: As in any self-change program and with everything in life, you get out what you put in.Free Smoking and Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions-Find Out How

In only 1-4 sessions our clients report they have more energy, focus, tolerance, relaxation and even sleep better.

Learn about safely managing diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

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Hypnosis will help allow you to integrate new behaviors into your unconscious, so that you are not continually struggling to escape a rollercoaster of emotions and discomfort surrounding everyday life. Learn how you can feel better permanently without relying on dangerous medications and costly, repetitive therapy.

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