Hypnosis for Fast Weight Loss at Act Now Hypnosis & Wellness Center in Orlando

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Orlando

Most people eat for comfort or to relieve stress and those habits become a life-long problem.  Orlando Hypnosis Clinic will work with you one-on-one to help you solve that problem – once and for all.

Your personal hypnotist will learn what unique triggers effect your personal eating habits and use techniques of neuro-linguistic programming, EFT, regression and other hypnotic techniques to develop a customized program for you. Through hypnosis most people learn to look at food differently and change self destructive habits for good.

Unlike the diet roller-coaster, you will see and enjoy lasting effects in just a few short sessions.  The difference between continual weight loss and temporary gains and losses is purely psychological. 95 % of most people on ANY diet end up gaining the weight back AND THEN SOME!

With hypnosis you learn how to think differently. You learn how to identify and then separate emotions from your eating habits and so your gains aren’t dependent on the form of mental “adrenaline” we call will power. Your gains are the result of real and continual changes in your outlook and so they are for real and forever.

Contact us and we can help you change your health, your appearance, your self-esteem and your life forever.